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Hi, I’m Lucy Owner and Esthetician at Inspire Esthetics Studio. It is my goal to make all clients who come through my door, feel amazing about whatever services you have. With a passion for skin care, Professional Products, and Many Facial options, Lets work together to make the changes in your skin that you want to see. If Waxing is your thing, I love that too! I have taken many classes and use high end products. Combined with my speedy techniques, you are sure to love my fast and efficient services. Like Nails? 
I take my time to ensure your service is done correctly, and sculpt all gel extensions. With about 350 colours to chose from and a huge variety of art options, you are sure to be satisfied. Inspire Esthetics Studio is a place to be Happy, Empowered and Supported.


At Inspire Esthetics Studio all your nail extensions are sculpted with gel ( no tips) for a sturdy and well shaped nail. I hand pick my products for strength, durability and client satisfaction. 


The benefits of waxing are many. It doesn’t take long, and you’re smooth for weeks, no annoying stubble. With regular treatments, waxing weakens the hair and reduces the growth so that it becomes less visible and much finer. After the first few treatments, your body becomes used to the process and even the most sensitive areas feel only minor discomfort. 

Hand & Foot Care

Hydrate your hands, feet and nails: Nail cutting/filing, cuticle work, salt scrub, and massage. Your skin and nails will be soothed and nourished.


What are your skin goals? At Inspire Esthetics I provide many Facials to help you achieve a variety of results. I can help you Reduce Dark spots and sun damage, Settle sensitivity, and reduce your acne significantly. All my Facials fight wrinkles and aging. Inspire Esthetics use skin care lines hand picked for their professional grade products and results. All of my lines use a multitude of natural ingredients and are not tested on animals. Retail products are also available on my on line store.  Almost all of my facials are available in series for a discounted price. Lets work together to give you skin you are proud of!

Natural Lashes & Brows

Darken your brows or lashes to enhance their look.
Many colors available to find the right look for you!

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